Individuals and couples come here to rejuvenate their spirit and Inner Journey Adventures has taken the guesswork out of enjoying a transformational and spirit based retreat in a destination that you'll love returning again and again.

Together we create  a customized program to give you the outcome you desire and to guarantee quantum leaps in your personal growth combined with relaxing or fun activities to integrate all that you've discovered about yourself.

Our personal guides assist you throughout the 3 or 4 day stay so you always feel taken care of while with us.

We've discovered certain recurring themes from our clients relationships; whether a single person, a couple engaging in pre-wedding "what if's" or a long term relationship creating a new contract for the next phase of your life; we have a life changing program to fit your individual needs and desires.

How do I break out of this box and discover who I am and my life purpose? Imagine knowing your divine plan.

Stop the overwhelm, there's too much happening at once and I need to pamper myself and grow effortlessly.

Start It Right
Invest in the long lasting success of your marriage. Identify triggers and deal breakers
. Explore expectations and enjoy the results with our relationship plan.

Romance Renewal
Rekindle that in love feeling and create a renewed love life with life support for your love life. Respond confidently about your needs.

Relationship Repair
Not everything can be undone with a little blue pill or a couple of beers.

Is your marriage worth saving?  Learn how to change what's not working and save your marriage? Imagine peacefully discussing finances. It can happen.

Divorce intervention

Life support for your love life is serious level work for committed couples to remodel your marriage.

Avila Village is located halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles and only 5 minutes to beautiful Avila Beach at the Pacific Ocean.

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  Radical retreats for couples and singles nestled in the hills of  Avila Beach 

Beyond Therapy to radical results
Meeting you where you are
Bringing you where you want
to be

It’s not about what happened, it’s about the effect
on your spirit and in your relationships.  Get past the ho hum tedium of settling for less and fall in love with your life. When you uncover the person that you are meant to be then your relationships become richer
and fuller too.

If you could do one thing that would improve your happiness, health and relationships, would you?
Inner Journey Adventures offers you the perfect spirit based personal and couples retreat that takes the guesswork out of where and how to get started so magic happens.

Based in The Village of Avila you'll be nestled in beautiful oak studded mountains surrounded in beauty, serenity and power spots of the Western Gateway of the Pacific Coast of America.
Are you ready to take a stand for the life that you really want and use your desire to overcome any obstacles from your past?

The transformation of Spirit is learning to use your valuable strength to become the person that you
want to be. The alchemy is in the transformation of
the outer and inner being becoming as one.

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